There are a few different ways to import LinkedIn search data into Google Sheets. One method is to use a LinkedIn scraping tool, such as Hunter or Phantombuster, which can extract data from LinkedIn search results and export it to Google Sheets.

Another option is to use a Google Sheets add-on, such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator or LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, which can be added to your Google Sheets account and used to pull in data from LinkedIn searches.

You can also use the LinkedIn API to import data into Google Sheets. To do this, you will need to create a LinkedIn developer account and create an application to get an API key. Then you can use a tool like Google Sheets' built-in "IMPORTXML" function to pull data from the LinkedIn API into a Google Sheet.

It's important to note that LinkedIn has strict rules about scraping data from its platform and any violation of these rules can lead to your account being suspended. Be sure to read and understand the LinkedIn API developer agreement and terms of service before importing data from LinkedIn.